Women Of Impact Global

I am very happy to announce that I am the Momentum Coach for this wonderful organization, I have taken my skills, knowledge, education and experience to help other women grow with the actionable tasks and mindset work it takes to become successful because I believe as women we need to make what we are worth.

Thinking back to all those people you’ve helped across your career, what has that change been WORTH to them?

Did you help grow their business? Or save it from going under?

Did you help them find love? Or save their marriage?

Did you help them get pregnant? Or heal a broken relationship with their family?

Did you help them discover true vitality or inner peace? Or perhaps help save their life?

What do you think that is WORTH?

What is the worth of changing someone’s life, and helping them become all that they can be?

Some of these things are VIRTUALLY PRICELESS!

And yet, as an organization, we speak to women day in, day out, who are charging meagre fees per hour for work that is creating incredible value for their clients, over-delivering, running themselves ragged and coming home to STILL run a household and struggle to pay their bills.

Divine woman, this simply WILL NOT DO!!!! It is time you own your worth and learn how to feel good about what you offer, because you are amazing and you deserve it!

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