How To Clear The Emotional Clutter

As I started my Spring cleaning I couldn’t help but feel lighter the more I cleaned. I felt clearer mentally too and so I kept going! Have you ever noticed that when your space is disorganized and messy, your mind feels that way too? As I have gotten more sensitive energetically this really effects me! If you have noticed the same thing and feel overwhelmed, here are some tips to get started and be sure to include your work space if you work from home or own your own business.

From reading the book Minimalist, I learned to look at a drawer or area and get rid of the garbage first, then start looking at what you no longer want or use. A good tip to figure out what to get rid of are things that you haven’t used in more than a year, that is a good timeframe to know you probably won’t be using it ever again. Great little organizational tools are things like nice boxes from things you have received (I have a thank you card box on my desk for my business cards and stamps!) or mason jars for things like pens and paperclips, they’re great because there are so many different sizes and they look nice! Once your space is clear, I want you to sit in it (sit in your work space especially if you have one) and take a few deeps breathes, you will feel happier, lighter and the creative juices will start to flow! It is amazing how physical “stuff” can take up so much space in our minds and energetic space. Another great tip is diffuse a blend of Wild Orange and Peppermint essential oil as a way to help keep you going and motivated! Good luck on your spring cleaning! Looking to try my motivation blend, but haven’t yet? Fill out my contact form to get samples!

Here’s to your motivation!!


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