Amy Rempel runs a holistic company that believes in helping women get to the root of their dis-ease. We have many options to support your health, through Aromatherapy, Nutritional needs, Reiki and coming soon, Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT).

Thank you so much for giving me the right protocol to help balance my hormones! I feel better, I sleep better and my skin even cleared up! – Leigh Philips 


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Make It Happen!

Dreams come in many forms, but they don’t happen unless we make it happen! We have to take the steps in the right direction, find that path and keep going, even if we are unsure of where it might lead. I never sought out to write a book or become a published author, but then … Continue reading Make It Happen!

Merry Mind

While I was thinking of what I wanted my company to be called, I couldn’t help but relate pain and health to my mind and how the ill effects of those things can influence it so much. I haven’t really told anyone about this because I have a pretty strong exterior, but the year before … Continue reading Merry Mind

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