Amy Rempel runs a holistic company that believes in helping women get to the root of their dis-ease. We have many options to support your health, through Aromatherapy, Nutritional needs, Reiki and Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT). As a best selling and award winning author Amy is also now booking speaking engagements for 2020.



Thank you so much for giving me the right protocol to help balance my hormones! I feel better, I sleep better and my skin even cleared up! – Leigh Philips 

When Amy treated me with Reiki, it woke me up to linking the stress in my life with the energies in my body. Learning that link helped me refocus my goals on reducing stress and self-care with the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we all deal with. I can honestly say she would agree with me that her visions mirrored my state of mind when I was being treated. That’s how powerful the treatment is. I would recommend Reiki Treatments with Amy to rebalance your mind and body and to facilitate your own self-care practice. Thanks Amy for the powerful treatments. – Ayeesha K. 

Amy did an incredible job of helping release tension in my body with her massage techniques and oils. She seemed to intuitively know of knots and pressure points that were tight that I didn’t realize were even an issue. I highly recommend Amy.  – Anita S.


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