How to create a mailing list

With Instagram and Facebook being down for that full day, it made me realize how important it is that I keep growing my email list and you should too! We own our email list, no one else, so if anything happens to our FB groups or following on social media, we still have OUR list! A great way to get started is choose the best platform for you. I use Mailerlite, but MailChimp is also great and they’re both user friendly. I am not very tech savvy, but YouTube helped with everything I didn’t know! Mailerlite has really simple YouTube tutorials to learn how to do everything! 

Once you’ve chosen your platform, think of a great giveaway! When you signed up for this newsletter, you may have received a Tools For Your Chakras guide as a bonus for signing up. It is always a good thing to offer some value with the sign up. This can all be done automatically on either platform, so you can use your energy to promote and grow your email list. Once you start getting sign ups, be sure to communicate with your subscribers at least once a month. As you may have noticed, I like to send mine out once a month, because I feel like there are so many sites that send out too many emails and I hope that when you see mine, you are inclined to read it more, because you don’t hear from me every week and I do my best to give you some awesome tips and tricks on growing your business or up leveling your life. 

To grow your email list, don’t be shy to promote it often! It may seem like overkill to you, but if you are promoting in other places other than a FB group, your posts or stories are only seen by a small percentage of your followers, so be sure to promote this weekly, if not more! The Queen of building email lists is Jenna Kutcher of the Goal Digger podcast, check out episode 325: Everything You Need To Start Your Email List Now. If you are already well on your way to growing your email list, then check out episode 474: The Top 5 Free Strategies To Grow Your Traffic Organically. 

I hope this was helpful and cheers to a BIG email list!

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