How To Network Online

Over the last two years this has been a very good skill to have. Did you take the time to hone in on it? If not, there is no time like the present! I have found this to be the best way to market what I do and gain new customer and business partners for my business. If you are still looking for ways to grow your network online, here’s what I suggest! First, find some Facebook groups that fit the niche you want to be exposed to more. Once you get in be sure to introduce yourself and then interact with people in the group by commenting on posts and of course be authentic and genuine, leave a comment because you mean it! If you find that you really connect with someone, this is a good time to send them a friend request and to start chatting over messenger. Remember the key to marketing these days is building a relationship first. Get to know someone to see if what you do is even right for them, don’t just ask anyone for a sale!

Another great tool has been Instagram, I find this is a great way to connect with your niche market using hashtags and reels. Video is the way to go these days in IG because they are competing with TikTok, so those will get pushed out more and I find I get a lot of new followers with reels. If someone new connects with you that fits your niche, be sure to say hi and ask a question in their DMs. This does three things, it starts the relationship building, it creates some back and forth and because of that it will also show them YOUR content more and you will see theirs. The good thing about this is their stories will appear at the top and you will be able to comment on them, creating more visibility for yourself while you’re getting to know them.

As time goes on you will see that you have created a larger community that fits who you are looking for and you will then have endless leads! It truly has shown me how many people are in this world who want what I have to offer! What are you waiting for? Get to it!!

How To Clear The Emotional Clutter

As I started my Spring cleaning I couldn’t help but feel lighter the more I cleaned. I felt clearer mentally too and so I kept going! Have you ever noticed that when your space is disorganized and messy, your mind feels that way too? As I have gotten more sensitive energetically this really effects me! If you have noticed the same thing and feel overwhelmed, here are some tips to get started and be sure to include your work space if you work from home or own your own business.

From reading the book Minimalist, I learned to look at a drawer or area and get rid of the garbage first, then start looking at what you no longer want or use. A good tip to figure out what to get rid of are things that you haven’t used in more than a year, that is a good timeframe to know you probably won’t be using it ever again. Great little organizational tools are things like nice boxes from things you have received (I have a thank you card box on my desk for my business cards and stamps!) or mason jars for things like pens and paperclips, they’re great because there are so many different sizes and they look nice! Once your space is clear, I want you to sit in it (sit in your work space especially if you have one) and take a few deeps breathes, you will feel happier, lighter and the creative juices will start to flow! It is amazing how physical “stuff” can take up so much space in our minds and energetic space. Another great tip is diffuse a blend of Wild Orange and Peppermint essential oil as a way to help keep you going and motivated! Good luck on your spring cleaning! Looking to try my motivation blend, but haven’t yet? Fill out my contact form to get samples!

Here’s to your motivation!!


Creating boundaries

This is one of the most difficult things we have to deal with, because it’s usually needed with people we are close to. That has been my case at least. But this is very important to do for the freedom to be yourself and for your own mental health. There are certain people in our life that can be very draining and negative, those who are constantly critical of the work we do and think they know better. If this sounds like something you are dealing with, you are not alone, so keep reading! I have had a couple of instances where the constant judgement of a few people would wear me down and cause me anxiety. Every time I would see a message from them in my DM’s or FB messages, my heart would start pounding and my stomach would get upset, in fact I would feel nauseous! How can someone who is supposed to be caring and supportive make me feel that way?? It finally came to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. How can so few people make me feel this way? And why would they want to make me feel this way? So I blocked them! I decided that I could handle if they asked me why they aren’t seeing my posts and content, clearly I am not for them! I am at complete peace about it and have never felt more free about how I put myself out there. I am 100% me on my social media accounts and proud of it. Remember, this is YOUR space, not theirs, you get to do what you want with it and if someone doesn’t like it, they have the luxury to leave and if they don’t, you have the control ultimately. Don’t get me wrong, this is a difficult thing to do, especially if it’s someone you will see again in person, but in time you will feel better about it. It took me at least a year to block a person recently, my mental health was worth it and I do not regret it!

For the people who need to still be in your life, make sure to keep them at arms length. Those are not the people you bring yours struggles, questions or even wins to, save those for people who are going to celebrate and encourage you! It is a process, but if you’re willing to work on yourself, you will see that YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Amy xoxo

How to create a mailing list

With Instagram and Facebook being down for that full day, it made me realize how important it is that I keep growing my email list and you should too! We own our email list, no one else, so if anything happens to our FB groups or following on social media, we still have OUR list! A great way to get started is choose the best platform for you. I use Mailerlite, but MailChimp is also great and they’re both user friendly. I am not very tech savvy, but YouTube helped with everything I didn’t know! Mailerlite has really simple YouTube tutorials to learn how to do everything! 

Once you’ve chosen your platform, think of a great giveaway! When you signed up for this newsletter, you may have received a Tools For Your Chakras guide as a bonus for signing up. It is always a good thing to offer some value with the sign up. This can all be done automatically on either platform, so you can use your energy to promote and grow your email list. Once you start getting sign ups, be sure to communicate with your subscribers at least once a month. As you may have noticed, I like to send mine out once a month, because I feel like there are so many sites that send out too many emails and I hope that when you see mine, you are inclined to read it more, because you don’t hear from me every week and I do my best to give you some awesome tips and tricks on growing your business or up leveling your life. 

To grow your email list, don’t be shy to promote it often! It may seem like overkill to you, but if you are promoting in other places other than a FB group, your posts or stories are only seen by a small percentage of your followers, so be sure to promote this weekly, if not more! The Queen of building email lists is Jenna Kutcher of the Goal Digger podcast, check out episode 325: Everything You Need To Start Your Email List Now. If you are already well on your way to growing your email list, then check out episode 474: The Top 5 Free Strategies To Grow Your Traffic Organically. 

I hope this was helpful and cheers to a BIG email list!

How To Sell in 2021

The word “sell” has got to be the scariest word for entrepreneurs, we always hear, “but I don’t want to be salesy” when we’re trying to figure out how to do business and I think it’s time we take that word back! There is no reason to be “salesy” any longer. The old way of selling, like cold calling or what is called “hard selling”, is not what you should be doing. I think we are in a better time for selling because it is more authentic and in service. Every time I want to “sell” something, I think about how it will serve them. When we talk about what we do or sell in a way that is going to help them, it takes the pressure off of you and them. You also need to be confident that you have amazing products or a service that can help them. If selling scares you, it is time to change that mindset and to stop thinking of it in that way, always think about serving instead.

Being genuine, getting to know someone and serving (yes, I repeat, serving) is the way to get a positive response. Be sure to also be in alignment with who you want to serve, create your niche market and learn how to speak to them. This helps you become more authentic. Think of this sentence when you need to approach someone: ” I do_______ and this could help you with ________, would you like to learn more?”

If this seems overwhelming, I am here to help! Click on the registration link in my newsletter or on my Products and Services page on to sign up for me FREE 4 day Dream Retreat – Growing Your Heartled Biz The Woo Woo Way. I can’t wait to help you create a strong foundation for your business so you don’t have get the icky salesy feeling again!

We totally got this!!! Amy xoxo

Keeping In Alignment With Your Business

This was a gamechanger for me. Being in total alignment with what I wanted to do has created more impact and success than I ever knew was possible. I have been in pure momentum for months now and this is when the law of attraction starts working it’s magic also! When I first started in business, I thought it would be nice to make a little money on the side so I didn’t really give much thought to what I was doing, I just liked a product line and wanted to tell others about it because it worked so well for me. But then, I realized what business ownership could look like for my family and I. I saw a life of flexibility, giving back to others and traveling! Ever since I was young I wanted to be rich so I could give away my money!

The most difficult part for me was figuring out how I could use this specific business for that and long story short…it just wasn’t the business for me. I started thinking about what I always wanted to do and that was help empower women to take care of themselves and their families, so I started looking for something else to fill that need. As I was working on myself I saw a Reiki Master who also did Tapping to help me clear some blocks and work on my confidence. I realized that this would be the avenue I could use to help others. I also aligned myself with a new company that is incredibly philanthropic and ALL about serving others. I needed to find things that were about who I am at my core. What is your burning desire to do in this world? Are you having trouble connecting with what you’re doing? These are important questions to ask yourself to make sure you are in alignment with your purpose.

As I answered these questions myself, I saw that my favorite thing about being a part of this new company was being a mentor and business coach to my team and that’s when I realized it was what I needed to pursue. I took a course to help me and worked with a coach who gave me clarity and the confidence to create my program and to use my strengths and passions within the program. And that’s exactly what I did! When I started speaking to my “people”, I attracted 2 new business partners in 1 month plus my first coaching client around the same time, it was so exciting and now I get to help all of them create the same momentum. So, don’t give up, keep going if you are aligned with what you’re doing. If it feels too hard, go back to those questions above and see if this is TRULY YOU.

Amy xoxo

Harnessing Your Feminine and Masculine Energy

For a very long time I was very much into the masculine energy, except I didn’t know it. It wasn’t until I became a Reiki Practitioner that I even knew about the difference between feminine and masculine energy. To give you an idea of what each are, here is a list: Masculine harnesses boundaries, being in action, confidence, honesty, accountability, integrity, non-judgmental and security. The Feminine encompasses, boundaries also, your intuition, grounding, empathy, being supportive, authenticity, magnetic, open, trusting, creative and reflective. 

The one I was in the most was being in action, I grew up in a male entrepreneurial home and it was all about working hard, going non-stop because hard work equaled success. Now those are very important traits, but I was running myself into the ground! I was missing out on quality time with my kids and husband because I felt I HAD to work constantly to get where I wanted to go. The ironic thing is when I started realizing my feminine energy and what it could do for me, was when I started seeing more success! I was also being forced to rest more because my body was starting to respond to stress by getting me sick! So, I knew I had to listen and make these necessary actions. 

Knowing more about the feminine and masculine energy traits, take time to reflect on what you harness more of and then I want you to pick the top 3 traits from each and start focusing on those. It’s time to bring some balance if you don’t have it yet and I’m telling you, it will change your outlook and your life for the better. This is also going to help you with the flow in your business because when we feel more aligned with what we’re doing the easier it is. 

I hope this information was helpful and in what ever you do, you seek out both!


I used to think affirmations and personal development in general was a waste of my time. I had no idea the importance or the link between success and mindset. It is so true, what we think about we bring about, whether that is coming from our conscious or sub-conscious, we need to learn how to repair any damage that has been done. We have to make sure we are feeding ourselves information that is going to help us not harm us, especially when it comes to our sub-conscious mind, this is what attracts those thoughts to us. Haven’t dealt with a trauma and keep attracting similar situations? Do you notice you always think about how difficult something is, like how earning money is so hard and you keep getting the hard? It’s because you are essentially asking for it and the Universe/God is listening. So what can we do? If it is something very serious or traumatic, you should speak to a professional so you can work on those things properly, this could be someone like myself who can help by using Reiki and EFT or it can be psychologist or psychotherapist. Who ever and how ever you feel most comfortable, do it!

For a lot of us, we just have these signals from childhood, like always hearing “money doesn’t grow on trees” which then gives us a scarcity mindset around money for example or other sayings like that that were drilled into our sub-conscious. These are the things that we can do some work around to change that type of mindset and affirmations is a great place to start! If you know how to tap, do that while you’re saying them, it is very powerful! Here are some examples of money mindset affirmations:

There will always be enough money

Money is infinite, if I need more, it will come

I am worthy of making a lot of money

My experiences and education allow me to make lots of money

I am smart

I am beautiful just the way I am

I am capable

I am a strong leader

Now you may be wondering what those last few have to do with money blocks, but not feeling worthy or good enough also tells us we’re not good enough to be financially successful, so we need to get through those too.

I truly hope that these are helpful and I wish you all the success you deserve!

Money Blocks!

This has got to be the number one reason we fail in business and it also happens to be a big problem for women in particular. Blocks with money and having the confidence to show up proudly as an entrepreneur can definitely be an issue! So here are some tips for you to get passed them.

– keep up with personal development, start with something easy like You Are A Badass. It’s light, funny and will make you enjoy reading these books

– Get connected with someone in your industry who can help AND cheer you on

– Start taking baby steps to get out of your comfort zone. When you do this you will find that you can do hard things and it will grow your confidence.

– Use your oils! There are some great oils to help you feel worthy. Try Bergamot!

– Learn how to tap! Also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

If you are a business owner and looking to be a part of a heartled group, join my business group on Facebook! Every week I have Teaching Tuesday where I focus on personal development and mindset/spiritual work and I also have In Action Thursday where I provide steps or a training that entails actionable steps you can take to grow you business.

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Yours in Health & Wealth, Amy


I am really excited about some changes I have made to my business! With everything that I have learned about running businesses and growing my social media, I know that I can help other healers in growing their business as well. After being a mentor to others, it has given me the confidence to move forward with this more publicly. I love teaching and I love leading others to greatness, so here we are! Going forward my blog posts will be about growing your business, so even if you’re not a healer this will also be beneficial for you. I have seen and heard the struggle from practitioners during this time when businesses have had to move online and I have not had that problem. My business has grown and thrived because I have always had multiple ways of earning an income. My husband and I have come to realize how important it has been for us to have many streams of income and I am sure I am not alone in this! Being able to pivot online quickly has been crucial to not only sustaining my business, but growing it and having the most successful year yet! If you haven’t had that kind of year, think about what you can do to make the changes needed. Can you do what you do online? Do you know how to grow your social media following? Do you have products AND services you can offer? If you don’t have these in place yet, now is the time. Even when things open up more, having an online presence can bring about more flexibility than you have ever had! Imagine being able to work from anywhere? This is what entices me to stay this course, because I am REALLY looking forward to traveling again! If you need help or have any questions about how you can move online, feel free to reach out. Here is to all of our successes!!!

In health and wealth, Amy