Keeping In Alignment With Your Business

This was a gamechanger for me. Being in total alignment with what I wanted to do has created more impact and success than I ever knew was possible. I have been in pure momentum for months now and this is when the law of attraction starts working it’s magic also! When I first started in business, I thought it would be nice to make a little money on the side so I didn’t really give much thought to what I was doing, I just liked a product line and wanted to tell others about it because it worked so well for me. But then, I realized what business ownership could look like for my family and I. I saw a life of flexibility, giving back to others and traveling! Ever since I was young I wanted to be rich so I could give away my money!

The most difficult part for me was figuring out how I could use this specific business for that and long story short…it just wasn’t the business for me. I started thinking about what I always wanted to do and that was help empower women to take care of themselves and their families, so I started looking for something else to fill that need. As I was working on myself I saw a Reiki Master who also did Tapping to help me clear some blocks and work on my confidence. I realized that this would be the avenue I could use to help others. I also aligned myself with a new company that is incredibly philanthropic and ALL about serving others. I needed to find things that were about who I am at my core. What is your burning desire to do in this world? Are you having trouble connecting with what you’re doing? These are important questions to ask yourself to make sure you are in alignment with your purpose.

As I answered these questions myself, I saw that my favorite thing about being a part of this new company was being a mentor and business coach to my team and that’s when I realized it was what I needed to pursue. I took a course to help me and worked with a coach who gave me clarity and the confidence to create my program and to use my strengths and passions within the program. And that’s exactly what I did! When I started speaking to my “people”, I attracted 2 new business partners in 1 month plus my first coaching client around the same time, it was so exciting and now I get to help all of them create the same momentum. So, don’t give up, keep going if you are aligned with what you’re doing. If it feels too hard, go back to those questions above and see if this is TRULY YOU.

Amy xoxo

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