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As an Energetic Business Coach, I utilize my skills, education and experience to help women create a sustainable business utilizing the doTERRA Essential Oil business model. If you would like information to see if this is a fit for you, please contact Amy for an information video. Should you decided to become a business partner, you will not only have her one on one attention, mentoring and training, but we have bi-weekly team meetings and trainings and when you are ready to uplevel your business you will have FREE access to her Dream Academy Mastermind group and course which includes the following modules:

Module 1: Creating Your Souls Purpose
Module 2: Digging deeper into money blocks
Module 3: Sacred Ceremonial zoom
Module 4: How to engage and connect with your market over Instagram & create your free funnel system
Module 5: Lesson on Manifestation
Module 6: Manifestation continued
Module 7: Goal Setting
Module 8: You are enough (sales)
Module 9: Attraction Marketing
Module 10: Working with your cycle

You can also connect with Amy for a free discovery call to see if working with her is right for you! There are also various ways that she can help you, in person or online, such as:

  • Essential oil protocols for in home use onlyl
  • Emotional Freedom Technique session in person or on zoom – $45
  • In person Reiki session – $65
  • Distant Reiki session – $45
  • How to use essential oils to grow your offerings and create a global impact

For current workshop offerings please go to Amy’s Instagram’s page and click the link on her bio at

To order Amy’s best selling and award winning books I’m 30, Now What? and On Her Plate, use code Amy20 to get 20% off here:

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Not only was I pleased with my decision to have Amy on my speaker line up, but the
incredible feedback that we received from attendance was very positive. Her calm and beautiful soul and her delivery of her story to a room filled of 65 women was passionate and  she was able to make a connection by speaking plainly and being vulnerable. She was confident in her delivery and because of that was able to connect with the audience of women – Jamelia Gregory, Founder of Awakening The Woman Within Summit