How To Network Online

Over the last two years this has been a very good skill to have. Did you take the time to hone in on it? If not, there is no time like the present! I have found this to be the best way to market what I do and gain new customer and business partners for my business. If you are still looking for ways to grow your network online, here’s what I suggest! First, find some Facebook groups that fit the niche you want to be exposed to more. Once you get in be sure to introduce yourself and then interact with people in the group by commenting on posts and of course be authentic and genuine, leave a comment because you mean it! If you find that you really connect with someone, this is a good time to send them a friend request and to start chatting over messenger. Remember the key to marketing these days is building a relationship first. Get to know someone to see if what you do is even right for them, don’t just ask anyone for a sale!

Another great tool has been Instagram, I find this is a great way to connect with your niche market using hashtags and reels. Video is the way to go these days in IG because they are competing with TikTok, so those will get pushed out more and I find I get a lot of new followers with reels. If someone new connects with you that fits your niche, be sure to say hi and ask a question in their DMs. This does three things, it starts the relationship building, it creates some back and forth and because of that it will also show them YOUR content more and you will see theirs. The good thing about this is their stories will appear at the top and you will be able to comment on them, creating more visibility for yourself while you’re getting to know them.

As time goes on you will see that you have created a larger community that fits who you are looking for and you will then have endless leads! It truly has shown me how many people are in this world who want what I have to offer! What are you waiting for? Get to it!!

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