About Us

Ever since high school, I have wanted to help others in their health goals and struggles, initially, I became a marketing and sales rep within the health food industry. This was an incredible learning experience, as I am now an expert in gluten free manufacturing, health food and business. I also saw this as a way to help people have good tasting gluten free options. After being in the health food industry for 15 years, I came to realize that I had to go back to my initial dream of supporting others health and well being in a more hands on way, as I feel this is my true calling.  I am now a certified Exercise Nutrional Advisor, an Aromatherapist and a Reiki Practitioner. I also have a co-authored book coming out to help other women learn how to be healthy through diet, stay tuned for details! Through these powerful modalities and my knowledge, I strive to help you live a full and happy life, pain free, hormones balanced and well rested. Welcome to my happy place, where I can help you find yours!

Yours in health, Amy