I used to think affirmations and personal development in general was a waste of my time. I had no idea the importance or the link between success and mindset. It is so true, what we think about we bring about, whether that is coming from our conscious or sub-conscious, we need to learn how to repair any damage that has been done. We have to make sure we are feeding ourselves information that is going to help us not harm us, especially when it comes to our sub-conscious mind, this is what attracts those thoughts to us. Haven’t dealt with a trauma and keep attracting similar situations? Do you notice you always think about how difficult something is, like how earning money is so hard and you keep getting the hard? It’s because you are essentially asking for it and the Universe/God is listening. So what can we do? If it is something very serious or traumatic, you should speak to a professional so you can work on those things properly, this could be someone like myself who can help by using Reiki and EFT or it can be psychologist or psychotherapist. Who ever and how ever you feel most comfortable, do it!

For a lot of us, we just have these signals from childhood, like always hearing “money doesn’t grow on trees” which then gives us a scarcity mindset around money for example or other sayings like that that were drilled into our sub-conscious. These are the things that we can do some work around to change that type of mindset and affirmations is a great place to start! If you know how to tap, do that while you’re saying them, it is very powerful! Here are some examples of money mindset affirmations:

There will always be enough money

Money is infinite, if I need more, it will come

I am worthy of making a lot of money

My experiences and education allow me to make lots of money

I am smart

I am beautiful just the way I am

I am capable

I am a strong leader

Now you may be wondering what those last few have to do with money blocks, but not feeling worthy or good enough also tells us we’re not good enough to be financially successful, so we need to get through those too.

I truly hope that these are helpful and I wish you all the success you deserve!

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