I am really excited about some changes I have made to my business! With everything that I have learned about running businesses and growing my social media, I know that I can help other healers in growing their business as well. After being a mentor to others, it has given me the confidence to move forward with this more publicly. I love teaching and I love leading others to greatness, so here we are! Going forward my blog posts will be about growing your business, so even if you’re not a healer this will also be beneficial for you. I have seen and heard the struggle from practitioners during this time when businesses have had to move online and I have not had that problem. My business has grown and thrived because I have always had multiple ways of earning an income. My husband and I have come to realize how important it has been for us to have many streams of income and I am sure I am not alone in this! Being able to pivot online quickly has been crucial to not only sustaining my business, but growing it and having the most successful year yet! If you haven’t had that kind of year, think about what you can do to make the changes needed. Can you do what you do online? Do you know how to grow your social media following? Do you have products AND services you can offer? If you don’t have these in place yet, now is the time. Even when things open up more, having an online presence can bring about more flexibility than you have ever had! Imagine being able to work from anywhere? This is what entices me to stay this course, because I am REALLY looking forward to traveling again! If you need help or have any questions about how you can move online, feel free to reach out. Here is to all of our successes!!!

In health and wealth, Amy

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