Start 2021 Feeling Good!

So 2020 has come to close and although it was a difficult year for so many, let’s face it, it also brought us some clarity with so many things! Although 2021 won’t be perfect, we can certainly make it our own. You are perfect the way you are and if there are changes you need to make, it’s because you’ve decided that they’re good for you. I feel like there are so many great social media accounts out there helping women feel better about themselves so if you’re not feeling great about what you’re seeing, then unfollow and look for more accounts aligned with YOU.

I participated in an incredible energy clearing, online, using essential oils, it was very impactful and gave me the best sleep! Here are some immediate tips I can pass along that you can use right away.

  1. Take the time to take a few deep breathes
  2. Apply tea tree oil on the top of your head and in your elbow creases, this helps to clear the “noise”
  3. A great blend to use that can help with manifesting is: 5 drops each of Marjoram, Green Mandarin and Cardamom in a 5 ml roller bottle and then fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil, apply this to the inside of your wrist creases and heart.

This is such a great way for you give yourself some care and focus for the day! I wish you all health and wealth for 2021.

Your truly, Amy

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