Make It Happen!

Dreams come in many forms, but they don’t happen unless we make it happen! We have to take the steps in the right direction, find that path and keep going, even if we are unsure of where it might lead. I never sought out to write a book or become a published author, but then came an opportunity to do so with Golden Brick Road Publishing and to write a book called I’m 30, Now What?. I didn’t know or think I had much to offer, but I have realized we ALL have our own amazing story to tell. What came out of being an author is what I’m most excited about.

Full disclosure, I love being in front of people, I have been public speaking (for fun) since fifth grade and acting on stage since seventh and love it to this day. I get shaky (a mix of nerves and excitement) and there’s an adrenaline rush that occurs right before I hit the stage and that is my favorite kind of high. I was asked to be a part of a fundraiser for a shelter in Toronto that helps women escape domestic violence, not only to donate a few books towards the cause but also to speak. This was the first time I was asked to be a part of an event, I didn’t go looking for it! What’s interesting is that when our book was released the proceeds went to UNWomen, which is also a similar but international cause, so I was elated to be a part of something directly in my community. Doing what I love while serving my community?? YES PLEASE!

When I was trying to figure out what to talk about, I decided to choose empowerment. I feel like in today’s climate women need to be reminded how amazing and empowered we are and can be. This is also a theme throughout my book. It’s about women having choices, which I completely align with being empowered as well, WE CAN DO AND BE ANYTHING. This event was about getting women back on their feet. It was full of great music, dancing and eating delicious food! It was put on by an event planning company called Nic Nacs Events, as this particular shelter once housed the owner. I didn’t know this until she spoke about it and I couldn’t believe it! This woman is a force to be reckoned with! She just had her FIFTH child, started this business not that long ago and still made sure she was able to give back to a place that helped her rise up. Now, that is empowering! I sat in awe of this strong woman and ever so thankful she was introduced to me. I was there to empower and speak to these women, but listening to her and seeing what she has done was monumental. You know how people say you are the best of the five people you surround yourself with? Yeah, she’s one of those people you want to surround yourself with!

For more information and to be a part of next year’s event contact Nathalyee at or go to

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