End Of Year Mayhem?

This time of year can be very overwhelming, there are so many things to do and get done! We have to make sure we also take care of ourselves. This is a gentle reminder to take some time out for yourself, because YOU matter! Something that I do and that makes such a big difference to my well-being is a hot Epsom salt bath with Lavender oil. It completely rejuvenates me and helps in detoxing my body from stress, I actually feel it melt away!

The great thing about this time of year is the reflection we do about what has happened but also what is to come. A new year can bring hope and excitement but it can also bring on anxiety about “what if” doesn’t happen etc. This is where tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique came in handy for me. This is a great technique to get rid of that baggage we might carry around and the thoughts that creep in that steal away our happiness and what we truly desire. When I was introduced to tapping for the first time, I cleared so much that I doubled my sales within 3 days and hit my goal for the month just in time! That was very eye opening as to what tapping can do for my subconscious. Imagine what it can do for  you!

If you feel you need some help breaking through blocks in your life, contact me to book your free consult to start creating the life you have always wanted!

In health, yours truly, Amy

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